Last updated: 2018-06-01 17:06:34


The following indicators are used to evaluate the CLB service:

  • TPS (connection per second): the number of TCP connections created by load balancer instance per second.
  • Maximum number of concurrent connections: Number of concurrent connections refers to the number of concurrent TCP connections to the server requested by the client. or the total number of TCP connections to the server per second.
  • QPS (query per second): or RPS, the number of queries/requests per second. The queries/requests refer to the GET/POST/HEAD packets sent by the client to the HTTP server after the establishment of connections.
  • Throughput: The total traffic/bandwidth that the load balancer instance can support.

Tencent Cloud provides high-performance Cloud Load Balance services:

  • A single cluster of CLB supports a maximum of over 120 million concurrent connections, and can easily deal with 100 million-level Web visits.
  • A single cluster of CLB is capable of handling a peak traffic of 40Gb/s, with PPS up to 6 million.
  • Strict isolation of traffic for each tenant, providing active DDoS protection. Tencent Cloud CLB provides you with the capability to defend against 2-10 Gb peak traffic of DDoS attack for free.

    Defense service against DDos attack with higher peak traffic can be purchased separately. The maximum defense capability provided is 300 GB.