Pricing and Billing

Last updated: 2019-09-24 15:30:42


1. How will I be charged for my use of VPC/subnet/routing table/NAT gateway/peering connection/public network gateway/VPN connection/network ACL?

Paid services include: cross-region peering connection, public network gateway, NAT gateway, and VPN gateway. These services are chargeable because they have CVMs or license involved in their costs. Click to view the billing details.
Except the paid services mentioned above, the other services are free.

2. Are there additional network charges for services (CVMs, databases, etc.) within a VPC?

No. Network fee is only charged once.

  • For accesses to the Internet through public network gateways and NAT gateways, a network fee for public network gateways and NAT gateways is charged.
  • For accesses to services in other VPCs through cross-region peering connections, a network fee for peering connections is charged.
  • For accesses to other services through VPN connections, a fee for VPN gateways is charged.