Billing & Pricing

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Free Products:

  • VPCs, subnets, routing tables, high-availability virtual IPs, network ACLs, security groups, Direct Connect gateways, VPN tunnels, peer gateways and network detection are free of charge.

  • Intra-region communication over private network is free of charge. This
    means that communication among instances in different subnets does not incur bandwidth fees, and intra-region peering connections are free of charge too.

  • Tencent Cloud service prices in VPC and basic networks are the same. There are no surcharges such as CVM and TencentDB.

  • Communication over public network incurs fees. For more information, see Public Network Billing Methods.

  • NAT gateways, VPN gateways and cross-region peering connections are paid services. See below for more information.

NAT Gateway

NAT Gateway fees consists of the gateway usage (billed hourly) and the Internet access traffic.

  • See the table below for gateway fees.

  • For details of traffic fees (in USD/hour), see the "Bill-by-traffic" section in Public Network Billing Methods.

Type Mainland China Singapore, Silicon Valley, Virginia, Frankfurt, Hong Kong (China), Korea, Russia & Japan Mumbai Toronto & Bangkok
Small (up to 1 million connections) 0.089 0.13 0.14 0.18
Medium (up to 3 million connections) 0.28 0.39 0.42 0.54
Large (up to 10 million connections) 0.89 1.3 0.14 0.18
  • If the bandwidth package (BWP) feature is activated, fees of the outbound traffic generated by the NAT gateway will be deducted from the BWP (which means the network traffic will not be repeatedly billed). We recommended that you limit the outbound bandwidth of the NAT gateway to avoid high BWP fees. For details, see Shared Network Billing.

  • Arrears measures are the same as pay-as-you-go CVM instances. For details, see CVM Arrears Reminder.

  • NAT Gateway features dual-server hot backup. The system sends a 5KB detection packet to the master and slave servers of NAT Gateway respectively every 3 seconds, so 0.2747GB of traffic will be generated every day.

VPN Connection

  • VPN tunnels and peer gateways are free of charge.
  • VPN Gateway is pay-as-you-go. See below for details.


Pay-as-you-go fees consists of the public network access traffic fees and an hourly gateway fee.

Region Mainland China Silicon Valley, Virginia, Frankfurt, Hong Kong (China), Korea & India Toronto, Singapore & Thailand
Price 0.078 0.088 0.12

Peering Connection

Intra-region peering connections are free of charge.

Cross-region peering connections incur fees that should be paid by the connection initiator. Two billing methods are supported:
Billed by the daily peak. See below for details.

Billed by the monthly 95th percentile peak. See the corresponding section below for details. This billing method is currently in beta. If you wish to use it, submit a ticket for application.

Billed by Daily Peak

Calculation formula: Daily fees = bandwidth peak of the day * tiered unit price.

Daily bandwidth peak calculation method: The inbound and outbound bandwidth values are taken once every 5 minutes, and the highest value of the day is used as the daily bandwidth peak.

Billing cycle: Daily.

Billing method: Pay-as-you-go on a daily basis.

Price overview:

Billable item Billing tier (Mbps) Cross-region communication price for mainland China (excluding Hong Kong (China)) (USD/Mbps/day)
Cross-region peering connection (0,20] 3.19
(20,100] 1.98
(100,500] 1.48
(500,2000] 1.19
> 2000 0.82
  1. For prices of communication between regions outside mainland China and other regions, please consult your Tencent Cloud business manager.
  1. To make it easier for you to view the fees, the billing system describes peering connections as: cross-region communication (mainland China) bill: bill for peering connections where both sides are in mainland China.
  1. Currently, cross-region communication over basic network is not supported for Shanghai Finance, Shenzhen Finance and Silicon Valley.

Daily peak billing example:
If the peering connection initiator is in Shanghai and the recipient is in Guangzhou, the outbound bandwidth peak of the day is 20Mbps and the inbound bandwidth peak of the day is 30Mbps, then the fees for the day is: 30 * 1.98 = USD 59.4, which should be paid by the initiator.

Billed by the Monthly 95th Percentile Peak

Calculation method: Monthly fees = the monthly 95th percentile bandwidth peak * valid day proportion * tiered unit price

  1. Monthly 95th percentile bandwidth peak

In a natural month, the inbound and outbound bandwidth values are taken once every 5 minutes on each valid day (when bandwidth is consumed), then the taken values are sorted in descending order, the first 5% of the values are removed, and the remaining highest value is used as the monthly 95th percentile bandwidth peak.

  1. Valid day proportion

Valid proportion = valid days/number of days in the natural month

Between the previous month's billing date and the current month's billing date, a day that consumes more than 1Kbps of bandwidth is recorded as a valid day.

Billing cycle: Monthly.

Billing method: Pay-as-you-go on a monthly basis.

Price overview:

For details of cross-region communication in mainland China, see the table below:

Tier (Mbps) Price (USD/Mbps/month)
0 - 10 85
10 - 20 63
20 - 50 43
50 - 100 34
100 - 200 25
200 - 500 18
500 - 1,000 14
1,000 - 2,000 11
2,000 or more 10

For prices of communication between regions outside mainland China and other regions, please consult your Tencent Cloud business manager.

Monthly 95th percentile peak billing example
Billing for a customer officially starts on February 1, 2017, and the contracted price is USD P/Mbps/month.
Assuming that there are 14 days in February when the consumed bandwidth is over 1Kbps, the billable bandwidth for all the 14 days has 14 * 288 statistical points, the highest 5% points are removed, so Max95 is the highest one in the remaining statistical points, which is the billable bandwidth, and the fees for February is: Max95 * P * 14 / 28.