Last updated: 2021-05-20 10:20:20

    A VPC is a logically isolated virtual network that you can use exclusively and plan independently on Tencent Cloud. To use any Tencent Cloud resource, you must create a VPC and subnet. A subnet is a network space in the VPC. You can divide a VPC into at least one subnets. The VPC is regional, while the subnet is specific to the availability zone. Subnets in the same VPC can communicate with each other over a private network by default.

    All cloud resources such as CVMs and CLBs in a VPC must be deployed in a subnet.

    Lifecycle of VPC

    The VPC lifecycle varies with needs, as shown below:

    1. Creating a VPC: you need to carefully plan your network before creating a VPC. The CIDR blocks of VPCs and subnets cannot be modified after creation.
    2. Viewing a VPC: you can view the basic information of a VPC, its CCN association, and the resources it contains.
    3. (Optional) Choose the operations that apply to your use cases:
    4. Deleting a VPC: after a VPC is deleted, its subnets and route tables are also deleted.