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Sharing VPC Subnet Resource

Last updated: 2022-06-24 10:35:28

    Currently, Tencent Cloud Group Account Management supports sharing of subnet resources in a VPC. With this feature, a management account can create a shared unit, select the VPC subnet resources under the account, and share them with specified member accounts. After the resources are successfully shared, members can log in to the console to view and use the shared resources.


    The group account has added member accounts to the organization.


    Step 1. Share subnets with specified members

    1. Log in to the Group Account Management console and select Resource Sharing > Shared by Me on the left sidebar.
    2. Select the Shared Unit tab, select the region of the subnet to be shared at the top of the page, and click Create Shared Unit.
    3. On the Create Shared Unit page, configure the following information.
    • Basic Info
      • Name: Shared unit name, which can be customized.
    • Shared Resources
      • Resource Type: Subnet is selected by default.
      • Shared Resources: Select up to ten subnets to be shared as shown below:

        The list displays the information of the subnets in the region selected by the current account.

    • Shared Account
      • Account ID: Click Add Shared Account, select the member account in the Add Shared Account pop-up window, and click Save.
    1. Click Complete.
      You can select the Shared Resources and Shared Account tabs to view the shared resources and the member accounts.

    Step 2. View subnets with a member account

    1. Log in to the Group Account Management console and select Resource Sharing > Shared with Me on the left sidebar.
    2. On the Shared with Me page, select the region of the shared subnet at the top:
    • Select the Shared Unit tab to view the shared unit.
    • Select the Shared Resources tab to view the available shared subnet resources.
      You can also log in to the VPC console, select Subnet on the left sidebar, and select the region at the top of the Subnet page to view the shared subnet resources as shown below:


    Tencent Cloud Group Account Management is free of charge, and you only need to pay for the Tencent Cloud resources used under your account. For example, you need to pay standard fees for Tencent Cloud CVM instances and public network bandwidth.


    Resource ItemQuota
    Number of members that resources can be shared with20
    Number of resources that can be shared each time10
    Number of times that a resource can be shared10

    • Other VPC quotas are the same as the current settings. The quotas are shared by the resource owners and users.
    • If there are resources created by other member accounts (resource users) under the VPC/subnet, the subnet cannot be deleted.

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