Get Started with VPN Gateway

Last updated: 2019-11-29 19:11:18

You usually need to go through the following steps to quickly establish a VPN:

1) Create a VPN Gateway
You can use Purchase VPN Gateway API to purchase a VPN gateway instance. This API will return an order number, and you can use Query VPN Gateway List API to query the information of purchased VPN gateway.

2) Create the Customer Gateway
Once the VPN gateway is created, you can use Create Customer Gateway API to create a customer gateway, you need to specify the IP address of the customer gateway.

3) Creating the Tunnel
Once the customer gateway is created, you can use Create VPN Tunnel API to create a VPN tunnel. You need to specify the local VPN gateway and customer gateway of the tunnel. The tunnel will be successfully created after you configure a pre-shared private key and a name.

4) Modify Routing Table
After the channel is created, you can modify routing table policy using the Modify Routing Table API, and create a new routing policy, which directs the next hop that accesses the customer gateway segment towards the VPN gateway.

5) Modify Routing Table Associated with Subnet
After the routing policy is configured, you can use the Modify Routing Table Associated with Subnet API to direct the subnet that needs to access IDC through VPN gateway to the routing table mentioned above.

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