Step 5: Bind CVM with EIP

Last updated: 2018-10-18 15:41:01


Elastic IP is a public IP address associated with user's account, used for the communication with the Internet. Users can bind an elastic IP (EIP) to any CVM quickly to make the CVM communicate with the public network.

1) Log in to Tencent Cloud Console, and click "Cloud Virtual Machine" in the navigation bar, and click "EIP" in the left navigation pane.
2) Click "Apply" button.
3) Apply for the EIP in the same region where the VPC resides in. After this, you can view the applied EIP in the EIP list.
4) Select the specified EIP in the EIP list, click "Bind" to bind the EIP to the CVM you just created in the VPC. After the binding, your CVM can access the public network.