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Last updated: 2019-09-26 20:20:48


What is Direct Connect? What is it used for?

Direct Connect provides a dedicated leased line to connect Tencent Cloud with local IDC. You can access to Tencent Cloud computing resources in multiple regions in one go using a Connection to achieve a flexible and reliable hybrid cloud deployment.

What does Direct Connect consist of?

  • Connection: The physical leased line, provided by local carrier, to connect Tencent Cloud with local IDC. A Connection can be used to establish Dedicated Tunnel with Direct Connect gateways in multiple regions.
  • Dedicated Tunnel: The network link segmentation of the Connection. You can create the Dedicated Tunnels connected to different Direct Connect gateways to achieve the interconnection between local IDC and multiple VPCs.
  • Direct Connect gateway: The Direct Connect traffic entry for VPC/CCN, by which you can connect multiple Direct Connect tunnels with different local IDC.

What are the benefits of Direct Connect?

In many circumstances, Direct Connect can reduce costs, increase bandwidth, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections.

What regions is Direct Connect available for?

Direct Connect is available for all of the Tencent Cloud Regions.

How do I get started with Direct Connect?

You can apply for Direct Connect through the Direct Connect console. You will be prompted to enter the necessary information and leave valid contacts. Our Direct Connect engineer will get contact with you offline, to guide you through the construction of a Direct Connect.

How long does it take for Direct Connect?

As the introduction above, there're three components in Direct Connect:

  • Connection: Provided by local ISP, it will cost the most of time of Direct Connect in General. You may ask the ISP or Tencent Cloud Direct Connect Partners for lead-time information.
  • Dedicated Tunnel: Apply in Console, and it'll be done within 10 minutes.
  • Direct Connect Gateway: Apply in Console, and it'll be done with 1 minute.