Billing Issues

Last updated: 2019-01-22 11:01:38


How is Direct Connect product charged?

The charges for Direct Connect product include: Tencent Cloud fees and third-party fees.

  • Third-party fees: The local loop or cross connect to Tencent Cloud Direct Connect access point, which is charged by ISP or Tencent Cloud Direct Connect partner.
  • Tencent Cloud fees: Connection. One-off charge for Connection to Tencent Cloud port: 2,500 USD, and Monthly Rental Charge, which is still under planning and you won't be charged until published.
  • Tencent Cloud fees: Dedicated Tunnel. If you need to connect to different VPCs throughout Tencent Cloud Regions in the whole world, you will be charged for cross-city resource fee. For more information on billing, please see Price Overview.

How to cancel Direct Connect?

Direct Connect services to be cancelled include:

  1. Connection: You need to submit an application for cancellation to the ISP, and ask by Tencent Cloud Direct Connect engineer for cancellation in Console.
  2. Dedicated Tunnel: You can delete the Dedicated Tunnel in the console, and the charge for cross-city Direct Connect tunnel of that month is deducted at the beginning of next month;
  3. Direct Connect Gateway: You can delete the DC Gateway in the VPC console.