Last updated: 2017-08-24 16:53:41


Comprehensive Acceleration and Security Protection

Provide a wide range of acceleration capabilities including static acceleration, dynamic acceleration, file download, LVB and VOD; feature a high-performance cache system to reduces access latency and improve resource availability; boast powerful protection against DDoS and CC attacks.

Fast Connection and Easy Self-configuration

Support connection with a variety of origin servers including self-owned origin servers and COS origin servers; allow a fast and easy connection; provide self-configuration and open API interfaces to satisfy the needs of users with different O&M habits.

Comprehensive Configuration and Abundant Reports

Such configurations as cache policy, hotlink protection, content refreshing offer a flexibility in use of CDN; real-time monitoring and alarm as well as self-troubleshooting tools can provide feedback on business status and resolve failures in time; abundant statistical analysis reports and log information are provided for your review.

Flexible Billing and Project Management

Offer premium packages combining free services and discounts; provide a wide range of billing options; the charge is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis and billing model can be changed based on your business needs for cost saving; the supports for your projects can facilitate your project management within organization.