Key Features

Last updated: 2019-09-25 20:07:25


Comprehensive Acceleration and High Security and Reliability
Tencent Cloud CDN provides acceleration service in various scenarios such as static content, download, streaming media on demand, and live broadcasting. It uses a high-performance caching system to reduce access latency and increase resource availability.

Fast Connection and Convenient Management
Tencent Cloud CDN supports connecting different types of origin servers such as external origin and COS origin. Domains can be connected in simple steps with no complex configurations required. You can configure and manage the CDN service in the console or by calling APIs to accommodate your OPS needs and habits.

Comprehensive Configuration and Abundant Reports
Tencent Cloud CDN offers various configurations such as cache expiration policies, hotlink protection, and purge and prefetch, making the acceleration service more suitable for your business. It comes with real-time monitoring and alarming as well as self-service troubleshooting tools that help you identify and fix problems in a timely manner. Moreover, it provides a wide range of easy-to-view statistical analysis reports and logs.

Flexible Billing and Project Management
Tencent Cloud CDN offers competitive packages combining free services and discounts and provides many different billing method options. The service is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis and the billing method can be changed based on your business needs to lower the costs. In addition, the project management support facilitates managing your projects at the organization level.