Last updated: 2019-12-02 14:35:36


Verified User

If you have completed individual/organizational identity verification before activating the CDN service, Tencent Cloud will notify you via email and SMS when your account falls into arrears. A 24-hour grace period is provided. If you fail to top up your account within 24 hours, your CDN acceleration service will be suspended. You need to manually activate the acceleration service in the console after topping up your account.

Your CDN domain name and configuration information will be retained for 12 months. After your service is suspended, all your domain names will be deactivated and all access requests will be forwarded to the origin server. You will only be able to query information and cannot modify configurations in the CDN Console.

Unverified User

If you have not completed individual/organizational identity verification, the CDN acceleration service will be suspended immediately after your trial traffic package is used up. If you want to continue using the service, you need to verify your identity or purchase a new traffic package. For more information on the identity verification process, see Activating CDN.