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FAQs about Domain Name Connection

Last updated: 2019-08-26 10:38:08


How do I connect a domain name?

You can connect a domain name in the CDN Console. For more information, see Connect a Domain Name.

Does CDN support connecting to wildcard domain names?

CDN supports connection to wildcard domain names but a verification is needed. Upload the verification files provided by Tencent Cloud to the root directory of the website, and establish the connection to the wildcard domain name after the verification is completed successfully.
In addition:

  1. If a wildcard domain name such as * is already connected to Tencent Cloud, then any of its sub-domain names cannot be connected to another account.
  2. If the wildcard domain name * is already connected to your account, then wildcard domain names in formats such as * cannot be connected to this account.

How long does it take to configure CDN?

Generally, it takes no more than 30 minutes for the CDN configuration to take effect. If the configuration does not take effect within 30 minutes after configuration, you can contact us by submitting a ticket.

Is there any requirement to connect a domain name to CDN?

Before a domain name is connected to CDN for acceleration, it must obtain the ICP license from the MIIT, and the business contents on the origin server must be legal.

Can I configure multiple origin server IPs?

Yes. After you configure multiple IPs, CDN will randomly access one of the entered IPs when forwarding a request to the origin server. If the number of origin-pull failures with this IP exceeds the threshold, it will be isolated for 300 seconds by default and no longer used for origin-pull.

How do I bind CNAME to a domain name after the domain name is connected to CDN?

See CNAME Configuration for how to bind CNAME with your DNS service provider.

Why can a domain name only be disabled but not deleted?

Please check whether the user is a collaborator. The collaborator's permission is configured by the creator of the CDN service. If the creator does not assign the relevant permission to the collaborator, the collaborator cannot perform the operation. If you are sure that the user have been granted the permission, submit a ticket for assistance.

Will the domain name configuration be retained after the acceleration service is disabled?

After the acceleration service is disabled, the domain name configuration is retained, but the acceleration service will cease to deliver. In this case, any request from user will be forwarded to the origin server for origin-pull.

Will the domain name configuration be retained after an accelerated domain name is deleted?

After the domain name is deleted, its configuration is not retained.

How do I disable the acceleration service?

You can disable the acceleration service in the CDN Console. For more information, see Disable Acceleration Service.

How do I delete an accelerated domain name?

You can delete the accelerated domain name in the CDN Console. For more information, see Deleting Accelerated Domain Name.

How do I unblock a domain name?

Please submit a ticket for this.