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CDN Cloud Monitor Data Reporting Update

Last updated: 2022-02-26 13:39:24


    Tencent Cloud CDN will publish an updated version of Cloud Monitor data reporting on July 28, 2021. The updates are as follows:

    • APIs for data reporting are improved to reduce latency.
    • Protocol (IPv4/IPv6) is added in data reporting metrics.


    CDN data and alarm monitoring may be affected during beta stage. Please pay attention to your usage.

    1. Alarm monitoring:
      Please monitor your usage on your own, as the updates will be rolled out gradually during beta stage, leading to effects on alarming such as possible alarm delays. We will complete the release ASAP to reduce the inconveniences caused.
    2. Data monitoring:
      Data will not be reported during the update of data reporting APIs as the update takes some time. After the release, those unreported data will be reported so that you can query complete data in the console or via APIs.
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