Pricing List

Last updated: 2018-12-21 10:00:42


Tencent Cloud CDN provides two billing models Pay-by-Bandwidth and Pay-by-Traffic. Both methods use a post-payment policy and charged on a daily basis. You can select the method best suited to your business.

Price Overview

Tencent Cloud CDN's Pay-by-Bandwidth method uses a tiered pricing model, as shown below:

Region Pay-by-Bandwidth (USD/Mbps/Day)
Bandwidth tiers Price
China 0 - 500 Mbps 0.094
500 Mbps - 5 Gbps 0.092
5 Gbps - 50 Gbps 0.086
≥ 50 Gbps 0.084

CDN's Pay-by-Traffic method takes a monthly cumulative tiered approach, as shown below:

Region Pay by Traffic (USD/GB)
Traffic tiers Price
China 0 GB - 2 TB 0.037
2 TB - 10 TB 0.035
10 TB - 50 TB 0.032
50 TB - 100 TB 0.026
≥100 TB 0.02

In the event of a bandwidth/traffic surge caused by a DDoS attack or CC attack, traffic over 10 Gbps will be exempt.

Billing for Key Account Customers

If your monthly bill for Tencent Cloud is or will be more than $20,000, you may negotiate more favorable prices and flexible billing options (such as payment on a monthly basis). For more details, please submit a ticket to us.