SEO Optimization

Last updated: 2020-01-19 16:34:36


SEO optimization configuration is a feature that solves the problem with incorrect weights of domain name search results due to frequent IP changes by CDN after a domain name is connected to CDN. By identifying whether an access IP belongs to a search engine, you can choose to directly pull the resource from the origin server, ensuring the stability of search engine weight.

As search engine IPs are updated very frequently, Tencent Cloud CDN can only guarantee that most but not all search engine IPs can be identified.

Configuration Guide

  1. Log in to the CDN Console and click Domain Management on the left sidebar to enter the management page. Find the desired domain name and click Manage in the "Operation" column.
  2. Click Advanced Configuration and you can see the SEO Optimization module. Automatic origin-pull for search engine is disabled by default.

    The SEO optimization configuration feature is available only when the connected domain name is your own. After this feature is enabled, if a domain name has multiple origin server addresses, the first one will be the default origin-pull address.