OPS Monthly Report

Last updated: 2017-08-08 10:49:32


CDN provides monthly report feature which displays your business status in the form of a multi-dimensional report, to help you analyze business status in a month. Log in to CDN Console, and click "Monthly Report" under "Statistics".

You can query the monthly operating report of a specific month (up till 2016-01):

A monthly operating report includes the following information:

  • Overall Trend: Displays consumption details of specified month. You may switch the display between traffic and bandwidth, as well as make comparisons with the previous month;
  • TOP Bandwidth Consumption Proportion: Displays consumption and proportion analytical details of TOP5 projects and domains from project dimension/domain dimension, respectively;
  • TOP Bandwidth Consumption Comparison: Displays the TOP10 projects or domains with the highest consumption from project dimension/domain dimension, respectively, as well as the comparison with the previous month;
  • Hit Rate Analysis: Displays the analytical result of average hit rate for the month and the comparison with that of the previous month. Displays details of the TOP3 domains with the lowest hit rates.