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Time Features
2019.12.23 Global CDN operation monthly report publish.
2019.11.14 Publish, a global CDN overview page.
Global CDN Purge and Prefetch capacity merger.
Consolidation of global CDN log download capabilities.
2019.10.21 Comprehensive revision of overseas CDN statistical analysis:
Provides a new version of API3.0 interface and supports resource-level authorization.
2019.09.16 Global CDN Purge and Prefetch system upgrade:
Provides a new version of API3.0 interface and supports resource-level authorization.
2019.05.29 The domestic CDN self-diagnose tool has been upgraded in an all-round way.
2019.04.18 Upgrade the domestic CDN configuration system.
2019.04.16 Global CDN supports domain name-level label settings.
2019.03.18 Overseas CDN supports setting the upper limit of bandwidth.
Overseas CDN supports Range Origin-pull configuration.
2019.03.13 Domestic CDN acceleration supports more dimensional cloud monitoring alarm configurations.
2019.01.18 Domestic CDN IPv6 capability support, and open internal testing.
2018.12.20 Domestic CDN supports more kinds of timestamp and Hotlink protection Prevent hotlinking.
Domestic CDN supports setting cross-domain headers to * match.
2018.12.06 Domestic CDN supports 1-minute granularity data query API.
Domain name level resource authorization is supported for domestic CDN.
2018.11.30 Comprehensive revision of domestic CDN data monitoring.
Custom gzip / brotli compression configuration is supported for domestic CDN.
2018.11.29 Overseas CDN supports regional billing.
Domestic CDN supports caching all headers.
2018.09.27 Domestic CDN supports additional purchase of COS resource pack.
2018.07.07 Domestic CDN supports Access private COS V5 bucket.
2018.06.22 Backend Background domain name configuration deliver system upgrade.
2018.05.31 Domestic CDN Directory refresh supports a variety of refresh logic.
2018.05.23 The price of domestic CDN has been reduced across the board.
2018.01.30 Domestic CDN supports timestamp and Hotlink protection Prevent hotlinking configuration.
Custom 404 status code caching time is supported for domestic CDN.
2017.11.13 New style console comprehensive Activate.
2017.11.09 Domestic CDN in arrears suspension time adjustment.
2017.09.30 Domestic CDN supports HTTPS 301to force Redirect.
Domestic CDN supports home page cache Expire time configuration.
Domestic CDN supports batch deployment of managed certificates.
2017.08.14 Overseas CDN statistical analysis comprehensive Activate.
Overseas CDN supports the configuration of folders and full-path caching rules.
2017.07.07 The statistical analysis of domestic CDN has been revised in an all-round way.
2017.04.12 Query the attribution of new nodes in overseas CDN.
2017.04.11 Domestic CDN supports batch query of IP attribution.
Domestic CDN supports domain name Export with one button.
2017.03.15 New advanced caching feature settings have been added to overseas CDN.
2017.02.20 The configuration of overseas CDN domain names can be deployed by domestic CDN with one click.
2017.01.12 Custom HTTP Header is supported for overseas CDN.
2016.12.14 Domestic CDN supports domain name bandwidth capping configuration.
Domestic CDN supports HTTPS to force Redirect.
Domestic CDN supports Master/slave and real server configuration.
Domestic CDN supports switching between self-owned origin server and Cloud Object Storage and real server.
Domestic CDN supports Range Origin-pull configuration.
2016.12.10 Overseas CDN supports multinational Origin-pull optimization.
2016.11.25 Overseas CDN supports Purge and Prefetch.
Support Access log download.
2016.11.14 Overseas CDN supports Cloud Object Storage (COS) real server.
2016.11.01 Domestic CDN supports Origin-pull 301 Universe 302 to follow.
2016.10.28 Overseas CDN supports HTTPS acceleration.
2016.10.26 Domestic CDN supports real-time monitoring of Origin-pull data.
Support to query bandwidth for more than one year, Traffic and Statistics.
Batch certificate configuration is supported.
2016.10.10 Overseas CDN publish Open API.
2016.09.23 Support IP Access frequency limit configuration.
Added a number of cloud monitoring Metric.
2016.09.12 Overseas CDN service Activate (Beta test Open).
2016.08.22 Cache Expire setting priority adjustment is supported.
2016.08.11 Support IP Blacklist/Whitelist configuration.
Added real server statistics module.
Provides self-service troubleshooting tools.
2016.07.19 SEO optimization configuration was provided.
HTTP Header customized configuration was provided
2016.06.30 Activate Resources prefetch function (Beta test open).
Open overseas CDN applications to Entry (Beta test Open).
2016.06.13 Provide CDN monthly operation report.
2016.04.29 Provide third party free HTTPS certificate.
2016.03.04 Support CDN node IP attribution query.
2016.01.20 CDN supports COS real server.
2015.10.10 Provide CDN entire network status monitoring.
2015.08.08 Support sub-project Permission management.
Provide Access status code and other multi-dimensional statistics.
2015.06.12 Support Directory refresh.
Support Pan Resolution.
Provide large file preheating function.
2015.05.18 One-stop acceleration of WeChat official accountInherit cache-control from the origin server upon the cache expiration
2015.04.20 Advanced features such as back-to-origin host configuration, refer hotlink protection configuration, cache expiration time are supported
2015.03.15 Connection to CDN with self-owned origin and FTP hosted origin is supportedPay by Bandwidth and Pay by Traffic models are supported; multi-dimensional data presentation is supported
2014.05.25 SVN access to CDN is supported.