Last updated: 2018-01-19 17:15:58

Date Version No. Description
Apr.11.2017 V2.33 New domain list export
Support batch CDN-IP queries
Feb.20.2017 V2.32 New statistical metrics for status code
Jan.14.2017 V2.31 The configuration of acceleration domain in China is synchronized to international one just by one step (International acceleration is undergoing internal trial)
Dec.14.2016 V2.30 CDN in China supports switchover between user's origin server and COS origin server;
User's origin server can be equipped with hot backup origin server to effectively improve origin-pull quality;
Setting capped bandwidth for domain name is supported; when the capped bandwidth is exceeded, the service can be stopped directly or the request will be directed to origin server;
For any domain name configured with SSL certificate, forced jump to HTTPS is supported;
Activating the intermediate origin server is supported for international CDN;
Activating cross-border direct connect is supported for international CDN;
Accessing COS origin domain name is supported for international CDN
Nov.25.2016 V2.29 New enquiry features in the international CDN such as log management, URL purge, URL warm-up and purge warm-up;
New features in CDN in China such as origin-pull redirection following 302 and Range pull-origin configuration;
Nov.1.2016 V2.28 Add such items to the original server statistic as origin-pull failure rate, origin-pull failure type and 404 status code;
Users can go to Cloud Monitor to configure the monitoring alarm for the origin-pull rate
Oct.26.2016 V2.27 Support history data enquiry for bandwidth & traffic in over one year
Optimize the configuration of HTTPS certificate and support batch configuration
Sep.23.2016 V2.26 Support IP access frequency restriction
Add multiple new Cloud Monitor metrics
Sep.12.2016 V2.25 Provide international CDN console(beta test is open to the public)
Aug.22.2016 V2.24 Support priority adjustment in case of cache expiration
Aug.11.2016 V2.23 Support configuring IP blacklist/whitelist
Add new origin server statistic module
Provide self-troubleshooting tool
Jul.19.2016 V2.22 Support SEO optimization configuration
Provide HTTP Header custom configuration
Jun.30.2016 V2.21 Resource activation warm-up feature (beta test is open to the public)
Application entry for international CDN is open to the public (beta test is open to the public)
Jun.13.2016 V2.20 Provide monthly operation report of CDN
Apr.29.2016 V2.19 Provide HTTPS certificate from the third party for free
Mar.4.2016 V2.17 Support enquiry for CDN node IP attribute
Jan.20.2016 V2.14 CDN can support COS origin server
Oct.10.2015 V2.10 Provide monitoring on CDN status
Aug.8.2015 V2.4 Support permission management for separate project
Provide multi-dimension statistic such as access status code
Jun.12.2015 V2.3 Support directory refreshing
Support wildcard DNS record
Provide large file warm-up feature
May.18.2015 V2.2 WeChat official account one-stop acceleration
Inherit cache-control from origin server upon the cache expiration
Apr.20.2015 V2.1 Support such advanced features as host header configuration, refer hotlink protection configuration and cache expiration time
Mar.15.2015 V2.0 Support user's origin server, FTP hosting server to access CDN
Support bill-by bandwidth, bill-by traffic and multi-dimension data demonstration
May.25.2014 V1.0 Support accessing to CDN by SVN