Last updated: 2019-12-27 14:32:14


Welcome to Tencent Cloud Database MySQL. This document provides APIs for operating MySQL cloud database by calling on requests. Before using these APIs, be sure to fully understand the product, how to use it and its billing method.

In case of any conflict between the value range of any parameter provided in "API Description" of this document and that provided on the Tencent Cloud official website, the latter shall prevail.

Here are some commonly used terms in Cloud database MySQL:

1. Glossary

Term Full Name Chinese Description
CDB Cloud Database Cloud Database High-performance distributed data storage service professionally created based on open source database MySQL.
VPC Virtual Private Cloud Virtual Private Cloud VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) helps you build an independent network space in Tencent Cloud. You can customize IP address range, IP addresses, routing policies, etc. You can also establish a VPN tunnel through public network/Direct Connect to achieve interconnection between VPC and your other cloud resources and deploy hybrid cloud flexibly.

2. API Quick Start

In order to use the cloud database MySQL service, you need to complete the following steps in order:

  1. Create an instance
    You can create a new instance using Create Instance (Pay-by-usage) API; view available instance specifications using Query Supported Specifications (supporting custom availability zones and configurations) API; query the prices of different instance specifications using Query price (Pay-by-usage) API.
  2. Initialize instance
    You can use Initialize Instance API to set the character set, port, root account/password, and table name case sensitivity of the instance.
  3. Manage instance
    After the instance is initialized, you can view the list of created instances using Query List of Instances API and manage the instance by choosing to use Modify Name, Reset Password, Modify Character Set and other APIs.

3. Service Limits

Currently, cloud database service is available to all users in any situations.