Error Codes

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    1. Common Error Codes

    The error codes returned represent the results for calling the cloud API. Code represents a common error code, which applies to all module APIs. 0 indicates successful calling and other values for calling failure. For calling failure, you can determine error causes according to the following table and take corresponding measures.

    Error Code Error Type Description
    4000 Invalid request parameters Required parameters are missing, or parameter values are not in the correct format. See the message field of error description for specific error information.
    4100 Authentication failed Signature authentication failed. Refer to the authentication section in the document.
    4200 Request expired The request has expired. Refer to the validity request section in the document.
    4300 Access denied The account is blocked, or not in the user range of the API.
    4400 Quota exceeded The number of requests exceeded the quota. Refer to the request quota section of the document.
    4500 Playback attack The Nonce and Timestamp parameters of a request ensure that the request will be executed only once on the server, so two Nonce parameters cannot be repeated, and the Timestamp parameter cannot have a time difference of more than 2 hours from Tencent server.
    4600 Protocol not supported The protocol is not supported. Currently the API only supports the HTTPS protocol, but not HTTP.
    5000 Resource not existed The instance corresponding to the resource ID does not exist, or the instance has been returned, or the resource belong to other users.
    5100 Resource operation failed The resource operation failed. See the message field of error description for specific error information. Try again later or contact customer service personnel for help.
    5200 Resource purchase failed Failed to purchase the resource. Possible causes may be instance configuration not supported, insufficient resources and so on.
    5300 Insufficient balance Your account has insufficient balance to complete the purchase or upgrade.
    5400 Partial operations succeeded The batch operation is partially successful. See return values for details.
    5500 User qualification review failed The resources purchase failed, for you do not pass user qualification review.
    6000 Server error A server error occurred. Try again later or contact customer service for help.
    6100 Version not supported The API is not supported on this version or is under maintenance. Note: When this error occurs, make sure that the domain name of the API is correct. Different modules may have different domain names.
    6200 API inaccessible The current API is under maintenance. Please try again later.

    2. Module Error Codes

    The message field indicates module-related errors.
    "message": "(100004) projectId is incorrect"
    It consists of two parts: the module error code is in () and specific error description after ().
    Different modules may produce different errors. You can determine errors based on the specific error description.

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