Initializing CDB for MySQL

Last updated: 2019-12-27 12:01:57


The following describes how to initialize the purchased MySQL database.

  1. At the upper left corner of Tencent Cloud Console, click "Relational Databases" under the "Cloud Products" menu to go to the database product page.
  2. On the relational database page, click "Instance List" under "MySQL", and then locate the MySQL database instance with a status of "Uninitialized" in the target region (in this example, it is Guangzhou).
  3. Click "Initialize" to initialize the MySQL instance.
  4. Configure initialization parameters, and then click "OK" to start initialization.
    • Supported character set: Select the character set supported by the MySQL database.
    • Whether table name is case-sensitive: Specify whether the table name is case-sensitive. Default is "Yes".
    • Custom port: Access port of database. Default is 3306.
    • Root account password: The default user name for the new MySQL database is "root". This is used to set the password of the root account.
    • Confirm password: Enter the password again.
  5. The status of the target MySQL instance becomes "Running", which indicates it has been initialized successfully.