Initializing CDB for MySQL

Last updated: 2020-04-03 12:15:21

    This document describes how to initialize a TencentDB for MySQL instance for convenient use.


    1. You have registered a Tencent Cloud account and verified your identity.
      To register a Tencent Cloud account: To verify your identity:
    2. You have purchased a TencentDB for MySQL instance.
      To purchase a TencentDB for MySQL instance:


    1. Log in to the TencentDB for MySQL Console and select Instance List on the left sidebar.
    2. Select a TencentDB for MySQL instance in Uninitialized status and click Initialize in the "Operation" column.
    3. In the initialization dialog box that pops up, configure the parameters related to initialization, and click OK to start initialization.
      • Supported character set: LATIN1, GBK, UTF8, and UTF8MB4 character sets are supported. The default value is LATIN1, i.e., ISO-8859-1 encoding format. After initializing the instance, you can also change the character set on the instance details page in the console.
      • Table name case sensitivity: set whether the table name is case-sensitive, which is yes by default.
      • Custom port: the database access port, which is 3306 by default.
      • Set password for root account: the username of the newly created TencentDB for MySQL instance is root by default. Set a password for this root account.
      • Confirm password: enter the password again.
    4. Return to the instance list. The status of the target TencentDB for MySQL instance has changed to Running, indicating that the initialization was successful.

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