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Last updated: 2020-10-19 16:57:05

    For applications with high requirements for service continuity, data reliability, and compliance, TencentDB for MySQL provides a cross-AZ and cross-region disaster recovery solution to help enhance your capability to deliver continued services at low costs and improve data reliability.

    Intra-Region Disaster Recovery

    TencentDB for MySQL High-Availability Edition allows you to create multi-AZ instances. Physical servers of a multi-AZ instance are deployed in different AZs in the same region. When an AZ fails, the business traffic will be switched to another AZ swiftly, which is imperceptible to the business and requires no changes at the application layer, helping implement intra-region disaster recovery.


    As a multi-AZ instance is deployed across multiple AZs, there may be an additional network sync delay of 2–3 ms.

    For more information on intra-region disaster recovery, please see High Availability (Multi-AZ Deployment).

    Cross-Region Disaster Recovery

    The intra-region disaster recovery capability of TencentDB for MySQL is limited to different AZs in the same region. To further improve the availability, TencentDB for MySQL also supports cross-region data disaster recovery.

    You can asynchronously replicate data in a TencentDB for MySQL instance in region A to another instance (disaster recovery instance) in region B through DTS. The disaster recovery instance has an independent connection address, account, and permissions. If a major failure occurs in region A and cannot be fixed in a short time, you can perform failover whenever needed. Specifically, you can quickly forward application requests to the disaster recovery instance simply by modifying the database connection configuration in the application, thereby delivering a finance-grade database availability.

    For more information on cross-region disaster recovery, please see Managing Disaster Recovery Instance.

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