Single-Node High IO Edition

Last updated: 2020-11-10 15:22:52

    TencentDB for MySQL supports four types of architectures: the High-availability Edition, the Finance Edition, the Single-node High IO Edition, and the Basic Edition. This document describes the Single-node High IO Edition.

    The Single-node High IO Edition adopts a single-physical node architecture with high cost performance.

    Use Cases

    Ideal for various industries with read/write separation requirements.


    The Single-node High IO Edition uses local NVMe SSD disks for underlying storage with excellent IO performance and is ideal for read-only instances to share business read load.

    Basic Framework Diagram

    Alt text


    • Single-node deployment is susceptible to single points of failure. If only one read-only instance is purchased, it is impossible to ensure high availability for your business, because a failure of the single read-only instance will lead to business disruption.
    • As the time taken to recover a single read-only instance depends on the business data volume, the recovery time cannot be guaranteed. As a result, if your business requires high availability, we recommend you purchase at least two read-only instances for the RO group.

    Relevant Operations

    • You can create one or more read-only instances, which can be applied to read/write separation and one-source-multiple-replica application scenarios. For more information, please see Read-only Instances.
    • You can create one or more read-only instances and put them in an RO group to ensure availability. For more information, please see RO Group of Read-only Instance.

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