Change History

Last updated: 2019-11-28 14:08:08



  • Renamed CDB for MySQL to TencentDB for MySQL.
  • Added the database audit feature.
  • Added the data encryption feature.
  • Allowed for purchase of Basic Edition instances.
  • Allowed for self-service switch from basic network to VPC and from one subnet to another within a VPC.
  • Added the self-service connectivity test feature.
  • Allowed for self-service refund within 5 days after purchase.
  • Allowed for refund for degrading.
  • Added support for MySQL 5.7 data migration via DTS.


  • Added support for elastic specifications of read-only instances, which no longer need to have the same specification as the master instance.
  • Added support for monitoring at a 60-second granularity in CDB for MySQL.
  • Added the data subscription feature to DTS.
  • Added support for physical backup of instances.
  • Added support for initiating manual backups and customizing backup time and retention period (up to 732 days).
  • Added support for data migration via DTS in various network environments.
  • Added the CDB-CDB data migration feature to DTS.
  • Launched the Data Management Console (DMC).
  • Added the real-time monitoring and instance session management features to DMC.
  • Added support for security groups in CDB.


  • Launched the read-only instance feature.
  • Added the pay-as-you-go billing mode.


  • Launched High-IO Edition with performance 10 times higher than the Standard Edition.
  • Added support for web-based rollback and batch database management.
  • Added support for public network access and web-based data import/export.
  • Renamed CDB to CDB for MySQL.


  • Added support for multiple projects for one user and offered more billing methods.
  • Optimized the underlying storage for improved performance.


  • Released CDB High-performance Edition Gen 2.


  • Launched CDB High-performance Edition.
  • Launched CDB Standard Edition with optimized MySQL kernel.


  • Launched CDB Gen 1 with improved MySQL management features.