Change History

Last updated: 2018-07-27 17:16:19


Update History


  • Read-only instance supports elastic specifications and can be different from master instance in specifications.
  • CDB for MySQL supports data monitoring at the granular level of 60 seconds.
  • DTS supports data subscription.
  • Physical backup is supported for instance.
  • Manual backup is supported. Users can customize backup time and storage period, with up to 732 days for storage period.
  • DTS is supported in multiple network environments.
  • DTS supports CDB data migration.
  • DMC has launched.
  • DMC supports real-time monitoring and instance session management.
  • CDB supports security group.


  • Read-only instance went online
  • Postpaid instance was supported


  • High IO went online, with a performance 10 times higher than the previous Standard version
  • Web rollback, and batch database management were supported
  • Public network access and Web data import/export were supported
  • CDB was renamed to CDB for MySQL


  • Multi-project for one user was supported for CDB; more billing methods were put into use
  • Underlying storage was optimized with improved performance


  • 2nd generation high-performance version went online


  • High-performance version went online
  • Standard version went online; MySQL kernel was optimized


  • 1st generation CDB went online; MySQL management feature was improved