Request Structure

Last updated: 2017-10-11 20:17:03

    When you call a Tencent Cloud API, a request with corresponding parameters is sent to the server address of Tencent Cloud API. The Tencent Cloud API request structure consists of the following parts:

    1. Service address

    Tencent Cloud API service access address depends on specific modules. For details, see the description of each API.

    2. Communication protocol

    Most Tencent Cloud APIs use the HTTPS protocol to provide high-security communication channels.

    3. Request mode

    Tencent Cloud APIs support both POST and GET request modes.

    1. These two modes CAN NOT be used at the same time. That is, if you use the GET method, then all parameters are obtained from Querystring; if you use the POST method, all parameters are obtained from the Request Body and those parameters in Querystring will be ignored. Both request modes use the same format of parameters. GET is recommendedfor normal cases, and POST is recommended for parameters containing long strings.
    2. For the GET request mode, URL encoding is required for all request parameter values; for POST, you do not need to encode the parameters.
    3. The max length of GET requests varies for different browser and server settings. For example, the max length is 2k for IE, and 8k for Firefox. For API requests with lots of parameters, use POST to avoid request failures caused by over-limit strings

      4. Request parameters

      Each Tencent Cloud API request requires two types of parameters: public request parameters and API request parameters. The public request parameter is used by every API. For details, refer to the Common request parameters section; API request parameters are specific to each API. For details, see "Request parameters" for each API.

    5. Character encoding

    Tencent Cloud API requests and return results are encoded using the UTF-8 character set.

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