Backup Method

Last updated: 2018-07-27 16:31:58


Backup Methods

1. Physical Backup and Logical Backup

Currently, CDB for MySQL supports two automatic backup methods

  1. Physical backup: A full copy of physical data
  2. Logical backup: Backup of SQL statements

2. Setting Backup Method

On the instance list page, click an instance, enter "Backup Management", and click "Automatic Backup Setting" to set backup method

3. Notes About Backup Methods

  1. For logical backup, downloads at both the instance level and the database table level are supported, while for physical backup, only download at the instance level is supported
  2. For the MySQL below version 5.6, only logical backup is supported

4. Backup Retention

Support a free backup retention period of 7 to 732 days. We will notify you when backup space is charged.

5. Start Time

Support customization of daily backup time and set to 2:00am-6:00am by default. Please note that backup time is affected by instance's storage data volume, therefore you may not complete the backup in selected time period.

6. Manual Backup

Allow users to start a free backup task by clicking "Manual Backup" on the top right corner of the instance. We will notify you when backup space is charged.
Please note that you cannot start multiple backup tasks at the same time. If manual backup cannot be completed in the specified start time of auto backup, the start time of auto backup task may be affected.