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1. API Description

This API (CreateCdbInstanceAccount) is used to create the account of a database.
Domain for API request:

2. Input Parameters

The following request parameter list only provides API request parameters. Common request parameters need to be added when the API is called. For more information, refer to Common Request Parameters. The Action field for this API is CreateCdbInstanceAccount.

Parameter Name Required Type Description
cdbInstanceId Yes String One or more instance IDs (n represents array subscript starting with 0). Instance ID, such as: cdb-c1nl9rpv. It is identical to the instance ID displayed in the Cloud Database console page and can be obtained using API Query List of Instances. Its value equals to the uInstanceId field value in the output parameter.
user Yes String Account name. Rules: the name should contain 1-16 characters, including upper/lowercase letters, numbers, or underscores; the first character cannot be an underscore
password Yes String Password. Rules: the password should contain 8-16 characters, including at least two the followings: uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers, special characters (_+-&=!@#$%^*())
host Yes String CVM name. Rules: the name should contain 1-32 characters, including upper/lowercase letters, numbers, or special characters (%. :)
remarks No String Notes. Rules: notes should contain 0-255 characters, excluding <>'"

3. Output Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
code Int Common error code; 0: Succeeded; other values: Failed. For more information, please refer to Common Error Codes on the Error Code page.
message String Module error message description depending on API.
codeDesc String Error description

4. Error Codes

The following error codes only include the business logic error codes for this API.

Error Code Error Message Description
9003 InvalidParameter Incorrect parameter
9531 ConnectRefused Instance connection is refused
9532 ConnectErrorUnknown Instance connection error
9533 SqlExecFailUnknown Database operation failed
9535 CheckUserExistCreateUser Account already exists
9572 InstanceNotExists Instance does not exist

5. Example

&<Common request parameters>
&remarks=my test


    "code": 0,
    "message": "",
    "codeDesc": "Success",
    "data": []

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