Creating Database and Table

Last updated: 2020-02-28 14:57:33


Creating a Database

  1. Log in to the phpMyAdmin Console and click Create or Database to enter the database creation page.
  2. Enter the database name, select the sorting rule (utf8_general_ci by default), and click Create.
  3. Select the desired database and click Operation on the navigation bar at the top to enter the database operation page, where you can create a table, drop a database, or perform other operations. You can also move, rename, or replicate the database after it is created.

Creating a Table

  1. Select the database where you want to create a table, click Create or enter the table name and select the number of fields in the Create Table bar, and then click Execute.
  2. On the table creation page, if you need to add fields, you can enter the number of fields to be added in the Add box and then click Execute. You can enter the field information in Structure and partition information in PARTITION definition (see MySQL's partitioning document). After entering all the information, click Save to create the table.