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Last updated: 2020-03-31 15:23:57


    TencentDB for MariaDB is a highly secure enterprise-level cloud database dedicated to the online transaction processing (OLTP) scenario. It has always been used in Tencent's billing business. It is compatible with MySQL syntax and has various advanced features such as thread pool, audit, and remote disaster recovery while delivering easy scalability, simplicity, and high cost performance of TencentDB.

    Instance: a TencentDB for MariaDB resource in Tencent Cloud.

    Instance type: a combination of node quantity, read/write capability, and deployment region for a TencentDB for MariaDB instance.

    Read-only instance: a TencentDB for MariaDB instance that can only be read from.

    Disaster recovery instance: a TencentDB for MariaDB instance that supports disaster recovery across AZs and regions.

    VPC: a custom virtual network space that is logically isolated from other resources.

    Security group: security access control to TencentDB for MariaDB instances by specifying IP, protocol, and port rules for instance access.

    Region and AZ: physical location of a TencentDB for MariaDB instance and other resources.

    Tencent Cloud Console: web-based UIs.

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