Renaming Instances

Last updated: 2021-07-16 14:21:29


    This document describes how to rename a database instance in the TencentDB for MariaDB console.


    • Renaming an instance does not change the private IP of the database or affect database connections.
    • After the instance is renamed, its project and network remain unchanged.
    • If an instance is in another task flow (such as upgrade or initialization), it cannot be renamed.


    1. Log in to the TencentDB for MariaDB console, locate an instance in the instance list, and click the icon next to its name. You can also click an instance ID in the instance list to access the instance details page, and click the icon next to the instance name in the Basic Info section.
    2. In the pop-up dialog box, modify the instance name and click Confirm.

      An instance cannot be renamed to an existing database instance name.