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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2020-06-29 15:03:48

    Beginning from May 1, 2020, TencentDB for MariaDB has reverted back to the original pricing mode where fees are calculated according to the number of nodes. The tiered pricing model also applies. This pricing adjustment might result in price changes for some instances. Please contact your sales rep if you have any questions.

    Billing Modes


    Monthly subscription is currently in beta. If you wish to use this billing option, please contact sales.

    TencentDB for MariaDB provides two billing options.

    Billing Mode Payment Mode Application Scenario
    Monthly subscription Prepaid. Fees are paid when an instance is created. Suitable for businesses with long term stable needs as the rates are lower than the pay-as-you-go option. Longer-term purchases results in increased savings.
    Pay-as-you-go Postpaid. You can request for resources on-demand and will be charged based on the actual usage upon settlement. Suitable for businesses with fluctuating demands. Instances can be released immediately after use to reduce costs.

    The memory prices for pay-as-you-go adopts a tiered model based on the usage duration.

    Usage Duration Tiered Price
    0 hours<duration≤96 hours Tier 1 pay-as-you-go price applies
    96 hours<duration≤360 hours Tier 2 pay-as-you-go price applies
    Duration>360 hours Tier 3 pay-as-you-go price applies

    Node Specifications

    For nodes fees, see Pricing. The available specifications are as follows.

    Configuration Type Node CPU Node Memory (GB)
    High IO 1 2
    High IO 2 4
    High IO 4 8
    High IO 6 16
    High IO 8 32
    High IO 12 64
    High IO 16 96
    High IO 20 128
    High IO 24 244
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