Release Notes

Last updated: 2021-05-10 17:53:40

    March 2021

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    Cloud Monitor optimization TencentDB for MongoDB now works with the latest version of Cloud Monitor, supporting dashboards, more monitoring metrics, and default alarms. The metric names are modified to better follow the naming conventions; and you can now use Cloud Monitor APIs to fetch TencentDB for MongoDB monitoring data. 2021-03TencentDB for MariaDB Monitoring Metrics
    One-primary-multi-replica instances are supported You can now create an instance with one primary node and up to five replica nodes, so as to provide higher data availability. 2021-03-
    VPC configurations can be modified You can now modify the access address of an instance via network translation. 2021-03Changing Networks

    October 2020

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    Instance architecture diagram is supported You can now go to the instance architecture diagram in the console to view instance region, nodes, shards, and primary-replica relationship. 2020-10-

    August 2020

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    MySQL v8.0 is supported You can now purchase TencentDB for MariaDB instances running the MySQL 8.0 kernel. Such instances support multi-thread asynchronous replication (MAR, aka strong sync), thread pools (enabled by default), and async deletion of big tables. 2020-08-
    Tags are supported/td> You can now manage instances using tags. 2020-08-
    DMC is supported You can now manage instances in the DMC console. 2020-08-
    Other features
  • You can now download the latest binlog, split and analyze it.
  • Related user interactions in the console are optimized.
  • 2020-08-

    June 2015

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    TencentDB for MariaDB is officially launched TencentDB for MariaDB is a highly secure enterprise-grade cloud database dedicated to the online transaction processing (OLTP) scenario. It has always been used in Tencent's billing business. It is compatible with MySQL syntax and has various advanced features such as thread pool, audit, and remote disaster recovery while delivering easy scalability, simplicity, and high cost performance of TencentDB. 2015-06Product Introduction > Overview