Product Overview

Last updated: 2019-08-14 16:11:48

TencentDB for SQL Server offers the most recent features and is authorized by Microsoft to avoid risks associated with unauthorized software usage. It is on-demand, reliable, secure, and scalable. It also features high-availability framework, data security protection, and instant failure recovery to let you focus on application development.

As one of the earliest commercial database products, SQL Server supports complex SQL queries with excellent performance. Thanks to its comprehensive support for applications based on the Windows .NET Framework, it is widely used in such fields as government services, finance, healthcare, retail, education, and gaming.

TencentDB for SQL Server supports the following editions:

Region Database Edition
Regions in Mainland China SQL Server 2008 Enterprise
SQL Server 2012 Enterprise
SQL Server 2016 Enterprise
SQL Server 2017 Enterprise
Regions outside Mainland China SQL Server 2016 Standard

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