Use Cases

Last updated: 2020-02-25 16:16:00


Cloud-based Business System

TencentDB for SQL Server can be used as the basic database for building a business system directly in Cloud, as it provides stable and high-performance database support solution and improves business system performance effectively .

Remote (In-cloud) Data Disaster Recovery

Electronic data is the core asset of every company. Data loss by force majeure and man-made mistakes can have serious consequences. However, remote disaster recovery from self-building remote IDC is not cost-effective. Using TencentDB as a remote database for disaster recovery is a good solution.
With Direct Connect, VPN and database synchronization tools, companies can sync data from self-built data centers or other cloud vendors to TencentDB for SQL Server in real time. Even if the data in the self-built data centers is completely lost, data will still be securely stored in TencentDB.

Mobile Office

TencentDB for SQL Sever supports quick deployment of your mobile office platforms such as OA, ERP and sales management, where the data is stored in Tencent Cloud's secure subnets and the database is protected by multiple measures for improved reliability.

Data Warehouse and Data Analytics Platform

TencentDB for SQL Sever helps you create a cloud-based data warehouse and data analytics platform with SQL Server's built-in business intelligence, IT dashboards and collaboration with SharePoint.

Business Elasticity

Business promotion and major events result in high peaks, and self-built data centers are usually not optimized for cost considerations. In contrast, Cloud is scalable and an elastic IDC can be built in the cloud data center to be scaled at any time. With CVM and TencentDB for SQL Server, elastic business needs can be met.