Network Environment

Last updated: 2020-02-25 16:12:43


TencentDB for SQL Server supports two types of networks: VPC and basic network.

Network Restrictions

  • Tencent Cloud services in the same region can communicate with each other via private network.

  • If a CVM instance on a private network need to access TencentDB for SQL Server on a basic network in a different AZ in the same region, you need to manually configure the subnet and assign a private network IP to enable communication.

  • For data security considerations, TencentDB for SQL Server currently doesn't support public IP. If you need to use a public IP, you can use the port mapping function of SSH2 to connect to, configure and manage an instance from the internet.

When purchasing TencentDB for SQL Server, it is recommended to select the same region as your CVM instance to reduce access delay.

Network Connectivity Test

The network connectivity test tool provided on the TencentDB for SQL Server purchase page can be used to check if there are CVM instances that can communicate with TencentDB for SQL Server over a private network for the selected regions/AZ and network types.

Click View Details to view information about the eligible CVM instances, including ID/instance name, AZ, configuration (CPU, memory, disk, and network), and master IP address. You can also use the search function to easily find eligible CVM instances.