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Storage Types

Last updated: 2022-05-31 16:54:23

    This document describes the storage types of TencentDB for SQL Server and their uses cases, including SSD cloud disk, high-performance cloud disk, and high-performance local SSD.

    Storage Type Description

    Storage Type Description Applicable Database Architecture Application Scenario
    SSD cloud disk All-flash cloud disk storage type with NVMe SSD as the storage media. It adopts a three-copy distributed storage mechanism to provide low-latency and high-throughput I/O capabilities with a high random IOPS and 99.9999999% data security. Basic Edition Application scenarios such as I/O-intensive applications and small and medium relational databases.
    High-performance cloud disk Hybrid storage type offered by Tencent Cloud. It provides high-performance storage capabilities close to SSD through the cache mechanism and adopts a three-copy distributed mechanism to ensure the data reliability. Basic Edition Small and medium application scenarios that require high data reliability and moderate performance, such as web/app servers, business logic processing, and small and medium websites.
    High-performance local SSD High I/O local disk storage type, which has an excellent I/O throughput. A 90-core 720 GB MEM TencentDB for SQL Server instance can sustain up to 4.5 million TPM. Dual-Server High Availability Edition/Cluster Edition Business scenarios that have extremely high requirements for storage I/O performance and high-availability architecture at the application layer, such as online games, ecommerce, ERP software services, video live streaming, and media.

    Selecting Storage Type

    You can select the disk type after selecting the instance model on the TencentDB for SQL Server purchase page.

    Storage Type Comparison

    Storage Type I/O Performance Maximum Disk Capacity (GB)
    SSD cloud disk Excellent I/O throughput 3,000
    High-performance cloud disk Stable I/O performance 3,000
    High-performance local SSD Low I/O latency and higher I/O throughput than cloud disk 6,000
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