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Read-Only Instance Specifications

Last updated: 2022-05-31 16:54:23

    In TencentDB for SQL Server, you can create one or more read-only instances and use them to sustain high numbers of database reads, so as to implement auto scaling of read capabilities and alleviate pressure on the database. This document describes the specifications and configurations of read-only instances.

    TencentDB for SQL Server Read-Only Instance

    VersionDisk TypeCPU and MemoryDisk

    2008 R2 Enterprise
    2012 Enterprise
    2014 Enterprise
    2016 Enterprise
    2017 Enterprise
    2019 Enterprise
    High-performance local SSD 1-core 2 GB MEM10–3,000 GB
    1-core 4 GB MEM
    1-core 8 GB MEM
    2-core 16 GB MEM
    4-core 32 GB MEM
    8-core 64 GB MEM
    12-core 96 GB MEM
    16-core 128 GB MEM10–6,000 GB
    24-core 192 GB MEM
    32-core 256 GB MEM
    48-core 384 GB MEM
    64-core 512 GB MEM
    90-core 720 GB MEM
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