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Viewing Alarm Records

Last updated: 2022-06-06 11:17:12

    You can create alarm policies to trigger alarms and send notifications in the console when the TencentDB for SQL Server instance status changes. The created alarm policies can determine whether an alarm needs to be triggered based on the difference between the monitoring metric value and the given threshold at intervals.
    You can view specific information of alarm records in the console, and quickly locate the problem for further troubleshooting by alarm messages.

    This document describes how to view alarm records in the console.For more information on feature description, see Viewing Alarm Records.


    1. Log in to the CM console, and select Alarm List on the left sidebar.
    2. You can view alarm records in the alarm list.

      You can click icon to customize the displayed fields of alarm records in the list, including occurrence time, monitoring type, policy type, alarm object, alarm content, duration, alarm status, policy name, end time, alarm type, alarm reception, alarm channel, instance group, project, and network.

      • Select a time or a custom time range to view the target alarm records.
      • Click Advanced Filter to view the target alarm records.
      • Enter alarm object in search box to view the target alarm records.
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