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    Welcome to Tencent Cloud Database SQL Server. You can call the APIs discussed in this document to work with CDB for SQL Server. Before the use of these APIs, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the product as well as its usage and billing methods.

    For the product documentation of SQL Server, please see SQL Server Product Documentation.

    1. Glossary

    Term Full Name Description
    CDB Cloud Database High-performance distributed data storage service created based on the open source database MySQL.
    SQL Server CDB for SQL Server SQL Server is a relational database developed by Microsoft featuring high scalability and performance as well as the capability to query, search, synchronize, report and analyze the data.
    VPC Virtual Private Cloud Virtual Private Cloud enables you to build an independent network space on Tencent Cloud to customize IP address ranges, IP addresses, routing policies, etc. You can also establish a VPN tunnel through Internet/Direct Connect to interconnect VPC with your other cloud resources and deploy hybrid cloud flexibly.

    2. API Quick Start

    1. Backup and Recovery APIs
      API View Backup List is used to view backup list.
      API [Create Backup] is used to create a backup.
    2. Instance Management APIs
      API [Query Flow Status] is used to query flow status.

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