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Last updated: 2022-03-29 15:18:29

    Genuine License

    Licensed by Microsoft, TencentDB for SQL Server continuously provides you with the latest features, helping you avoid the risks of using unauthorized software and enhancing the trustworthiness of your business in competitive markets.

    Stability and Reliability

    TencentDB for SQL Server boasts 99.9996% data reliability and 99.95% service availability. Its master-slave dual-node database architecture allows for switching from a faulty instance to a healthy one in a matter of seconds and enables automatic backup, so the database can be restored to a previous point in time through rollback. 

    Best-in-class Performance

    TencentDB for SQL Server uses enterprise-grade PCI-E SSDs to deliver industry-leading I/O throughput, outperforming user-built databases and supporting commercial-grade high-volume concurrent business requests.

    Ease of Management

    Various management tasks can be finished with ease in Tencent Cloud Console or SQL Server Management Studio, such as database management, permission setting, monitoring and alarming, eliminating concerns over database installation and OPS.

    Performance Monitoring

    Dozens of important metrics can be viewed in the console, such as the number of connections and requests, disk I/O and buffer hit rate, helping you comprehensively monitor database running conditions and accurately understand the database load and system health.

    System Alarming

    TencentDB for SQL Server supports user-defined resource threshold alarms to help OPS engineers discover database anomalies in a timely manner and quickly respond to and resolve potential system problems.

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