Viewing Alarm Information

Last updated: 2020-04-27 15:29:46

    Operation Scenarios

    You can view the following three types of alarms triggered in a certain period of time in the Cloud Monitor Console (information of alarms with custom messages cannot be viewed in the console for the time being).

    • Basic alarms: alarms sent by preset alarming metrics.
    • Customized alarms: alarms sent by the customized monitoring feature.


    1. Log in to the Cloud Monitor Console and select the Alarm List page.
    2. In the search box on the alarm list page, enter an alarm object and search for the corresponding alarms.
      • Alarm Object: the object which generates alarms.
      • Alarm Content: the configured alarm trigger.
      • Alarm Status: Unresolved indicates that the alarm has not been processed or is being processed; Resolved indicates that the alarm has been restored to the normal status; and Insufficient data indicates that the alarm policy that generated the alarm has been deleted.

    3. Select Basic Alarm or Cloud Automated Testing Alarm to view the corresponding alarm information.
    4. Select Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, or a custom time period to view the running conditions of the database during the specific time period.

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