Purchase Method

Last updated: 2021-12-13 16:07:21

    TencentDB for Redis can be purchased in the console or through an API.

    Purchasing an Instance in the Console

    Follow the directions below to purchase pay-as-you-go TencentDB for Redis instances on the purchase page in the console.


    1. Log in to the TencentDB for Redis purchase page.
    2. Select Pay as You Go for billing mode.
    3. Select the region, availability zone, instance version, memory specification, network type, etc.
    4. When a pay-as-you-go TencentDB instance is created, an hour’s charge will be frozen in your account balance as a deposit. Make sure that your account has sufficient balance for the order.
    5. The TencentDB service activates immediately after the order is paid. Go back to the instance list where you can see the purchased instance.

    • After purchasing a pay-as-you-go TencentDB for Redis instance, make sure that your account has sufficient balance. If your account has overdue payment, the purchased instances may be repossessed. For more information, see Payment Overdue.
    • For more purchase instructions and precautions, see Creating TencentDB for Redis Instances.

    Purchasing Instances via an API

    For more information on how to purchase TencentDB for Redis instances via an API, please see CreateInstances.