Purchase Method

Last updated: 2020-07-31 15:44:46

    TencentDB for Redis can be purchased in the console or via APIs.

    Purchasing at Official Website

    You can purchase a TencentDB for Redis instance at Tencent Cloud's official website in a pay-as-you-go manner (billed per second and settled per hour). The section below describes how to purchase an instance there.


    1. Log in to the Redis Purchase Page.
    2. Select Pay-as-you-go for billing method.
    3. Select the region, availability zone, engine, compatible protocol, edition, memory specification, network type, and network billing method based on your actual business needs.
    4. After confirming the order, make the payment using account balance, online banking, WeChat Pay, or QQ Wallet.
    5. The instance activates immediately after the order is paid. Wait for 1-5 minutes before you can view the IP address. After the password is initialized, you can access the instance.
    • After the Pay-as-You-Go TencentDB for Redis instance is activated, please ensure that your account balance is sufficient; otherwise, it may result in arrears and even instance repossession.
      For more information, see Expiry Reminder.
    • For more purchase instructions and precautions, see Creating an Instance.

    Purchasing via API

    For more information on how to purchase a TencentDB for Redis instance via the API, see Create CRS Instance.

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