Storage Engine

Last updated: 2019-10-16 11:56:04


The Redis Community Engine provides a native Redis experience and supports a myriad of scenarios. It supports both Redis Standard Edition and Cluster Edition to meet the requirements of different business scenarios.

Editions supported by the Redis Community Engine include:

  • Standard Edition: When the number of replicas is greater than 0, data is synced between the master node and the replica nodes (slaves) in real time. When the master node fails, automatic failover will be performed in a matter of seconds, and a replica node will take over the business in an imperceptible manner. The master/slave architecture guarantees high availability of system services and provides 0.25-60 GB of storage capacity.
  • Cluster Edition: A cluster instance uses a distributed architecture, which allows flexible selection of shard quantity, shard capacity, and replica quantity and enables scaling imperceptible to the business. It provides 6GB-4TB of storage capacity and a performance of tens of millions of QPS.