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    This is a legacy API which has been hidden and will no longer be updated. We recommend using the new Redis API 3.0 which is standardized and faster.

    1. API Description

    This API (DescribeRedisProduct) is used to query supported specifications.
    Domain name for API request: redis.api.qcloud.com

    This API can be used to query the supported specifications for CRS instances under specified availability zone and instance type. Users who are not in the purchaser whitelist cannot query the details of supported specifications under this availability zone and instance type. You can apply for the purchase of the whitelist of a region by submitting a Ticket.

    2. Input Parameters

    The following request parameter list only provides API request parameters. Common request parameters are also needed when the API is called.The Action field for this API is DescribeRedisProduct.

    Parameter Name Required Type Description
    zoneIds.n No String An array of availability zone IDs, with the array subscript starting from 0. If this parameter is not specified, the product information of all the availability zones will be returned. The available values are subject to the returned values of API Query Supported Availability Zones
    typeId No UInt Instance type: 1 - Cluster, 2 - Standalone, 0 - Both

    3. Output Parameters

    Parameter Name Type Description
    code Int Common error code; 0: Succeeded; other values: Failed.
    message String Error message description. A null value indicates a success
    codeDesc String Description of error code at business side. For a successful operation, "Success" will be returned. In case of an error, a message describing the reason for the error will be returned.
    data Array Returned instance data array

    Array data is composed as follows:

    Parameter Name Type Description
    zoneId Array ID of availability zone
    name String Name of availability zone
    data.types Array Array of instance types

    Array data.types is composed as follows:

    Parameter Name Type Description
    data.types.typeId UInt Array of instance type IDs

    Array data.types.typeId is composed as follows:

    Parameter Name Type Description
    data.types.typeId.type UInt Instance type: 1 - Cluster; 2 - Standalone
    data.types.typeId.typeName String Name of instance type
    data.types.typeId.minMemSize UInt Minimum capacity of an instance (in MB)
    data.types.typeId.maxMemSize UInt Maximum capacity of an instance (in MB)
    data.types.typeId.minBuyNum UInt Minimum number of instances allowed to be purchased at a time
    data.types.typeId.maxBuyNum UInt Maximum number of instances allowed to be purchased at a time

    4. Error Codes

    The following error codes include the business logic error codes for this API.

    Error Code Error Message Error Description
    11201 InvalidParameter Incorrect business parameter
    11052 UserNotInWhiteList The user is not in the whitelist

    5. Example


    &Common Request Parameters


        "code": 0,
        "message": "",
        "codeDesc": "Success",
        "data": [
                "zoneId": 100002,
                "name": "Guangzhou Zone 2",
                "types": {
                    "1": {
                        "type": 1,
                        "typeName": "Cluster",
                        "minMemSize": 1024,
                        "maxMemSize": 204800,
                        "minBuyNum": 1,
                        "maxBuyNum": 10

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