Last updated: 2019-10-16 11:54:04


Wide Variety of Product Specifications

TencentDB for Redis offers a choice of 0.25 GB - 4 TB capacity specifications available in Standard and Cluster Editions.

Elastic Scaling

An instance can be scaled quickly in the console without having to stop the services. No operations are required at your side.

Ultra-high Performance

The Standard Edition has a performance of up to 100,000+ QPS, and the Cluster Edition supports tens of millions of QPS. Their ultra-high performance can perfectly meet the needs in most business scenarios ranging from gaming, mobile apps to advertising and ecommerce.

Rich Monitoring Capabilities

TencentDB for Redis boasts a rich set of metrics and alarms that are monitored and visually displayed for clear insights into the data, helping you identify risks before they appear and troubleshoot problems quickly.

Convenient DTS Service

TencentDB for Redis supports cold and hot data migration in various self-built scenarios such as self-built Tencent Cloud environment, VPN lines, Direct Connect lines, and IDCs.

Automatic Disaster Recovery

TencentDB for Redis adopts a master/slave hot backup architecture. In case of failure of the master, the access can be switched to the slave in a matter of seconds. The switchover process does not affect the online business nor does it require any operations at your side, reducing the labor and time costs of developing a master/slave system architecture.