Regions and AZs

Last updated: 2021-07-07 16:31:22

Tencent cloud currently offers a number of available regions: East China (Shanghai), Shanghai Finance Zone, South China (Guangzhou), Shenzhen Finance Zone, North China (Beijing), Hong Kong, Singapore, North America;

  1. Cloud products in the same region communicate with each other through private network.
  2. Cloud products in different regions cannot communicate with each other through private network.
  3. When purchasing cloud services, you're recommended to choose the region closest to your customer to minimize access latency and improve download speed.
&dxnbsp; Region Availability Zone
Within China South China (Guangzhou) Guangzhou Zone 1 (Sold out)
Guangzhou Zone 2
Guangzhou Zone 3
South China (Shenzhen Finance) Shenzhen Finance Zone 1
East China (Shanghai) Shanghai Zone 1
East China (Shanghai Finance) Shanghai Finance Zone 1
North China (Beijing) Beijing Zone 1
Outside Mainland China South China (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Zone 1
Southeast Asia (Singapore) Singapore Zone 1
North America (Toronto) Toronto Zone 1

Product Prices

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou

76 CNY/Month/GB

Shanghai Finance, Shenzhen Finance

128 CNY/Month/GB

Hong Kong, Singapore, North America

99 CNY/Month/GB