Data Recovery

Last updated: 2020-02-26 15:10:51


Operation Scenario

Cloud Redis Storage Standard Edition 2.8Community, Standard Edition (CKV) and Cluster Edition (CKV) support Resume's entire instance from backup.

  • Only Redis Standard Edition 2.8C (Community), Standard Edition (CKV) and Cluster Edition (CKV) support Resume instance, Redis Standard Edition 4.0C (Community), Cluster Edition (Community) support Data Clone .
  • Restoring an instance will interrupt the services provided by the instance.
  • After the instance is restored, the existing data will be overwritten and cannot be recovered.
  • If your instance has been ever degraded, you need to make sure that the instance specification is higher than the restored data capacity; otherwise, the restoration will fail.


The instance data has been backed up. For backup directions, see Backing up Data .


  1. Log in to the Redis Console And click an instance name in the instance list to enter the instance details page.
  2. On the Backup and Restore Tab, select the backup you want to restore and click Restore Instance .
  3. In the instance window that pops up, enter the instance password and click OK .

The password to be entered here is the instance password you set rather than the connection password in the format of "Instance ID:instance password" used for instance access.

  1. Return to the instances. The status of the instance is displayed as Restoring backup by backup ID . After the status changes to Running , it can be used normally.