Instance Connection

Last updated: 2020-02-26 16:25:05


Cloud Virtual Machine CVM Access is used to automatically give the private network address of the cloud database by Assign. This connection method uses private network high-speed network with low latency. Cloud Virtual Machine and the database must be the same account and the same VPC Within (guarantee the same region), or within the basic network.


  1. Log in to Linux Cloud Virtual Machine.
  2. Take Cloud Virtual Machine on the CentOS system as an example, execute the following command to install the Redis client:
yum install redis -y

If Complete! Is displayed, it means the MySQL client is installed successfully.

Instance Connection

An example of Verification without password

If your instance is password-free Verification, the connection command is as follows:

redis-cli -h IP address -p port

There is a password instance.

If your instance has a password instance, the connection method of open source format is supported:

redis-cli -h IP address -p port -a password

For example, if the password you set is abcd1234, the connection command is as follows:

redis-cli -h IP address -p port -a abcd1234

For instances purchased before January 2018, you need to replace the "password" with the format of "instance ID: password" before Access. Example:
redis-cli -h IP address -p port -a crs-bkuza6i3:abcd1234

Connection Example

For examples of each connection format, see Connecting to an instance .