Sharded Cluster

Last updated: 2020-07-01 14:52:29

    Does TencentDB for MongoDB support sharding?

    Yes. For more information, please see Creating Sharded Clusters.

    What is a MongoDB sharded cluster?

    TencentDB for MongoDB provides sharded clusters.

    • These sharded clusters distributively store data in multiple physical machines according to shardkey. Their great scalability, therefore, makes them very suitable for storing TB- or PB-level data.
    • Sharded clusters support instance-level backup and Rollback to ensure high data reliability. Multi-node automatic disaster recovery mechanism is used in each shard to ensure high service availability.
    • You can leverage the sharding feature of TencentDB for MongoDB to build a massive distributed storage system easily and efficiently.

    How do I create a MongoDB sharded cluster?

    Log in to MongoDB purchase page, click Sharded Cluster in Instance Type, and select the number of shards, the number of nodes in each shard, and node specification, according to your needs.
    Each shard is a replica set containing multiple nodes. Multi-node automatic disaster recovery mechanism is used in each shard to ensure high service availability.

    How do I query the information of a MongoDB sharded cluster?

    In the console, you can view detailed information of the sharded cluster instance, such as the shard composition, shard node specifications and used capacity, as well as perform operations including instance capacity expansion.

    How do I expand the capacity of a MongoDB sharded cluster?

    You can expand the capacity only by expanding all nodes at the same time. Adding nodes is not supported.
    In the console, click Expand on the instance list page, select the desired capacity, and click Upgrade.

    How do I monitor data in a MongoDB sharded cluster instance?

    You can monitor the data of the TencentDB for MongoDB sharded cluster in 3 dimensions:

    • Instance
    • Shard
    • Node

    You can view the monitoring report on the System Monitoring page of an instance, from which you will see various metrics, including operation requests, capacity usage, and load.

    What is the MongoDB sharding policy?

    • The sharding mechanism supports hash key.
    • The shardkey is indexed compound fields.
    • Sharding is required for all data sets in a shard instance. It is recommended to store non-sharded data in a separate replica set instance.

    What is the authentication mechanism for MongoDB shards?

    MongoDB is fully compatible with SCRAM-SHA-1 and MONGODB-CR.

    What sharded cluster commands are supported by MongoDB?

    For more information, please see Supported Sharded Cluster Commands.