Use Limits

Last updated: 2019-08-12 11:20:25



Rocks and WiredTiger engines are supported.

Replica Set and Sharded Cluster

You can create a TencentDB for MongoDB instance with either replica sets or sharded clusters:

Node Configuration Description
Replica set 1 master, 2 slaves. Includes 1 Primary node and 2 Secondary nodes
Sharded cluster A single instance contains at least 2 shards, and each shard consists of at least 3 nodes. Expandable.

Connection Count Limits

MEM Specification Max Connections
2GB 1500
4GB 1500
6GB 1500
8GB 1500
12GB 1500
16GB 2500
24GB 3500
32GB 4500
48GB 6000
64GB 9000
128GB 15000
240GB 15000
512GB 15000

The upper limit of the number of connections is at instance-level, instead of node-level.

Connection User Name

TencentDB for MongoDB comes with two default users: "rwuser" and "mongouser". The role for the built-in users is readWriteAnyDatabase+dbAdmin. In other words, you only can read and write databases, but other critical operations are not permitted.
Depending on the version of TencentDB for MongoDB, some instances only have "rwuser" (Tencent Cloud will upgrade these instances and will contact you before the upgrades).
You can also use TencentDB for MongoDB Console for account and permission management to meet your business needs.

Avoiding Filling Up Disk

Write operation will be denied when the instance disk is 100% occupied, so please adjust instance configuration in time according to your business needs. For more information, see Adjusting Instance Specification. You can also Contact us for assistance.