Sharding Cluster Commands

Last updated: 2019-08-12 12:00:07


Sharding strategy

  1. Ranged sharding is supported。
  2. Shard keys or indexed compound fields are supported.
  3. Sharding is required for all data sets in a sharding instance. It is recommended to place non-sharded data in a separate replica set instance.

Authentication method

Fully compatible with two methods: SCRAM-SHA-1 and MONGODB-CR.

Supported sharding cluster commands

  Commands Subcommands Supported
CRUD basic commands find filter Yes
sort Yes
projection Yes
hint Yes
skip Yes
limit Yes
batchSize Yes
singleBatch Yes
comment Yes
maxScan Yes
maxTimeMS No
readConcern Yes
max Yes
min Yes
returnKey Yes
showRecordId Yes
snapshot No
tailable No
oplogReplay No
noCursorTimeout Yes
awaitData No
allowPartialResults No
insert Must include the shardkey field, the shard keys must be consistent during batch insert operations. Yes
update The update field cannot be shardkey. Yes
delete Yes
findandmodify Yes
count Yes
distinct Must include shard key. Yes
aggregate No
group No
mapReduce No
getmore Yes
getLastError No
getPrevError No
resetError No
eval No
geoNear No
geoSearch No
parallelCollectionScan No
Diagnostic commands collStats Yes
dbstats Yes
explain Yes
listDatabases Yes
serverStatus No
top No
Sharding commands enableSharding Yes
shardCollection Yes
Management commands listCollections Yes
dropDatabase Yes
drop Yes
creareIndexes Yes
listIndexes Yes
dropIndexes Yes
logout Yes
renameCollection No
copydb No
create No
clone No
cloneCollection No
cloneCollectionAsCapped No
convetToCapped No
filemd5 No
fsync No
clean No
connPoolSync No
connectionStatus No
compact No
collMod No
reIndex No
setParameter No
getParameter No
repairDatabase No
repairCursor No
touch No
shutdown No
logrotate No
killop No
User management commands No
Role management commands No
Replica set commands No